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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pumping it up!

 Late post, but Libby has been pumping since November, we are loving it! Better than injections for sure, as a matter of fact last week when we moved from Northern Arizona, to Queencreek Arizona we had a bit of a mix up with the pump supplies and we ended up having to go back to doing shots, for five days, until we were able to get our supplies. Oh man! It wasn't fun. But anyways, long story short we love pumpin  it up! Libby loves to tell people she is pumper and do the pump it up dance! I can't say that I'm sleeping at night but I can say that I do get a bit more sleep than I did before. Her lows have evened out with her highs.... she was tanking all the time before and her A1c of 6.0 reflected it. Her A1c came in today and was 7.2, I am much happier with that :) We are happy campers! We say Booyah a lot, there are a lot of high fives, and we do the my blood sugar rocks dance a heck of a lot more, mostly just because we are amazing dancers and need to keep in practice... Libby has a mean booty shake. I think she gets it from me. So that's that! We LOVE the pump! We can't wait till John is able to get one! One day...                                                                                                       

The first site we did on her tummy, I like the tummy but it seems like the best spot for us is her arm, we have tried bum and thigh but they always come out for some reason. I am happy to say that Libby is able to totally sleep through her site changes!My favorite part is playing "where's my site" when Libby wakes up, it always takes her a little bit to figure out where i put it :)When I can't do it at night, she is pretty easy going about it, she just likes to have a friend to hold, like "Mr.Cuddles" her teddy bear, then she's cool :)
I made this > pump pack a few weeks ago, I think it turned out fine but they get so dirty and wear out so fast with how active she is, I might have to swing for a good one soon.

Here are some other fun Pictures of Libby and the other girls :)

  Libby giving her baby sister luvs, she told me the other day that she wishes Scarlett was ugly because when she's cute she pinches her cheeks too hard, lol this is true!                                               
Baby Scarlett waking up all happy from a hap with Awesome hair! I love her :)

Libby with her cute friend Issey rocking Happy meal hats   
Silly girls!

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  1. Yay for a new post, I hope you keep posting because we'll miss you guys, say HI to all the girls for us!


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