A Story of a 3 year old Princess and her diabetes

Monday, August 1, 2011

This is how we do it!

Show em how its done Libby! Put those grown men to shame!
First John wipes her finger with an alcohol swab
(Libby always chooses the finger... pinky is her favorite)

Then John gets the lancet ready, and says
"1, 2, 3... poke!"
if you don't say it, Libby gets mad! Sometimes she asks us to say it in Spanish, hehe :)
We squeeze a drop of blood onto the end of the test strip and wait...
sometimes it seems to take freaking forever....

we were hoping for better, but its not terrible.
It's not like a TV commercial advertising a glucometer, and showing a perfect 107, this is real life and we are sporting a 183 today!

Now Daddy does his blood sugar, he is not as tough as Libby... see the face?

Ok this was a total coincidence! I don't think it's ever happened before!
John and Libby have exactly the same number!
Now John carefully measures Libby's insulin. We always talk about the dose with eachother before we give her a shot, and explain our thoughts. Sometimes between John and Libby it takes us ten minutes before we finally dig in to our plates. We try to be as exact as possible, and we typically weigh all of her cereal and fruits and some other things.

And another "1, 2, 3 poke!" She doesn't even flinch, she is such a rockstar! She loves when grown men nearly pass out at the sight of the needle

Good Job Libby!
 We Always congratulate her on how tough she is! And we let her show off whenever there is a chance. I used to sneak off to the bathroom to give her a shot when we were in public, but now I let her show the world how tough she is! People are amazed by her, and she loves to hear what a brave girl she is!

And through all the pokes and difficulties, she still manages to smile and Love us anyways

We Love you Libby Lou!


  1. Those pictures are TOO cute! So crazy that they had the same #...

  2. Libby is tough and beautiful and Dad sets a good example. I, too, chuckle at those TV commercials where they advertise the "magic" meter you don't have to test on your fingertips, but can use your arm instead. This, from an older adult who probably only tests 3 times a day. Though I must admit, I have accidentally pricked myself and it does sting. So I have a lot of admiration for all you strong, tough, brave PWDs.

  3. She is too stinkin cute! I stopped going into the restroom too. People can stare if they must.


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