A Story of a 3 year old Princess and her diabetes

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


     I have just been LOVING Libby's insulin pump, we have been pumping since November and it has been excellent! We used to give Libby 4-5 insulin shots daily, starting when she was barely 3 years old. Now she has a pump and we change her site every 3 days, no more shots! We still have to do finger pricks, the pump does NOT test her blood sugar for us, and we still have to do between 7-10 pricks per day. And Libby has a serious problem. She is hypo-unaware, which means, she can NOT tell when she has low blood sugar, and therefore can not tell us. They say when the blood sugar reaches 15 that is when brain damage occurs. Libby has frequent lows that unfortunately DO reach the 20-30's. They DO make a device that helps with this. It's called a Continual Glucose Monitor (CGM) and she would wear it, just like her infusion set, it looks like this.

The CGM in on the left, it talks to the pump (on the right) and tells the pump whats going down.
It has a sensor on it that updates her blood Sugar EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!!! Libby would SIGNIFICANTLY benefit from having one of these! It could save her life. It gets even cooler. This little baby actually has a remote monitoring system. Looks like an alarm clock, goes by my bed, and i can literally roll over in the night and see what her BG is.Uh-may-zing.